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The Overbrook Environmental Education center is aOEEC Brochure community based Technology and Literacy Center developed by JASTECH development Services, Inc. JASTECH is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, dedicated to Environmental Education, Conservation, Public Health and Personal Enrichment.

The mission of the Overbrook (EEC) is to remove barriers from the public's full appreciation of our region’s technological and environmental resources. This center promotes public education, and participation in sustainable technological and environmental projects.

Field exploration, classroom training and public education are a key component in the Overbrook (EEC)’s education curriculum. This method of training identifies creative and exciting ways to develop environmentally friendly behaviors that reduces pollution and contamination of our waterways, land and air.

One of the important objectives of the Overbrook (EEC) is to promote a systematic relationship between the economy, community and environment. Our program explores the interaction amongst these entities and works to illustrate the cost and impact on our communities due to poor environmental practices.

Overbrook (EEC) has the unique advantage of being located in an ultra-urban setting whereas, other regional environmental centers are not. The Overbrook (EEC) anticipates partnering with area government, utility, energy and power agencies, schools and universities to implement good citizenship and housekeeping practices for a cleaner community. Improved public and corporate behavior modification can encourage a reduction of pollutants actually deposited on our streets, in our water, and in the air.

Currently, there is a Public Education resolution calling for the establishment of model training - assisted community schools and the Overbrook (EEC) provides the competencies and technology currently outside of the scope of the local School District’s existing services.

The Overbrook (EEC) also enjoys student participation from Philadelphia area private and chartered schools. These participants are part of our urban/suburban partnership and jointly perform in regional environmental educational programming.


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